Day 9 – Eat Beans Daily! They Produce More Than “Wind”!

Day 9 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Eat Beans Daily! They Produce More Than “Wind”!
Watch This Video (2:18 minutes). Then Read This Message!

***Beans are awesome health promoting foods – rich in “long” carbohydrate, fiber and protein (long carbohydrate = low glycemic carbohydrate)…

They are low glycemic
– meaning they slowly release the sugar they have and it doesn’t cause a rapid rise blood sugar).

They are rich in fiber which provides bulk, the feeling of satiety, keeps blood sugar even and helps “sweep” out bad stuff from your gut.

Beans help you lose weight by containing “resistant starch” (RI) and are high in protein, fiber and low in fat.

You can buy organic, precooked beans which makes eating them quickly a snap.

Try to eat ½-1 can of beans daily in:

Bean dips
Appetizers – i.e. edamame, bean salad

(Read: E-book,15; SHFL 145-146)

If you are at home you can make any of the above, just have cans of organic beans of all kinds in your cupboard and you can make the above in literally minutes.

If you are on the road you can get beans (without cheese) through fast food drive-ins, at any Middle Eastern or Hispanic restaurant. Or, buy some hummus to eat from a local grocery store to have in your hotel room or in your car with a packet of veggies.

DON’T take any supplements to reduce the gas when you start eating beans. If you have gas just start with 1-2 tablespoons per day of beans and taper up to ½ to 1 cup daily over a couple of weeks. The bacteria in your gut are making some “adjustments” which is good!

Beans are GOOD!

Read pages 145-146 “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane.” Go to page 15 for your E-Book (beans in soups, salads, bean dips, even smoothies!)

Eating beans gives you more than ‘wind’ as my British relatives would say! 🙂

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Be and Stay Well,


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