Day 8 – Be “Oil Free” for 21 Days!

Day 8 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Be “Oil Free” for 21 Days!
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***For these 21 Days I want you to be “oil free.” Yes, even extra virgin olive oil, fish oil and coconut oil…

I know they are very popular and there is some science behind their use, but try and get your oils from the natural foods you eat. Get your taste buds accustomed to the normal taste of the whole food, which isn’t oily.

If you are at home just get oil from the whole foods you eat and use a small amount for cooking (extra virgin olive oil). I would encourage oil-free (and dairy-free) salad dressings. Use lemon, lime or a freshly squeezed orange, or some type of vinegar (rice, raspberry, etc). Or the juice of some other fruit like pineapple.

If you are on the road use oil-free (and dairy-free) dressings on your salads (i.e. Balsamic vinegar, lime, lemon or orange juices freshly squeezed).

Baked goods (from bread to muffins, etc.) all have oil and sugar added to them. So eat them rarely. Eat raw nuts or seeds instead.

Oils are very “calorie dense” – meaning you get a lot of calorie for a little amount of oil or space taken up in your stomach. Their use, especially hidden in processed foods, can make it very difficult to reduce your weight. (Read SHFL, 139-143, Caloric Density)

Also oils are not “nutrient dense”, meaning oils don’t have a large amount of protective nutrients per calorie. Yes olive oil has some phenolic compounds, the more green and pungent the smell, but still it is mainly a fat laden food. Unlike let’s say greens and berries, which are very “Nutrient Dense” (SHFL, 137-138).

Get your daily oils during this 21 days from 1-2 palm full’s of raw nuts or seeds, avocados and what comes naturally in all plant foods, including greens!

Use nuts and seeds as snacks, on salads or sprinkled on any cooked dish, or in smoothies. They are a great snack food when on the road because you can keep them conveniently in a purse, computer or small travel bag, pocket or car.

Avocados are great in salads, dressings and bean dips. Especially blended into the bean dips you make at home. Avocadoes make the dip real smooth, almost creamy!

Pumpkin seeds are great to add to smoothies and oatmeal and are especially good for the male prostate.

Freshly ground flaxseed or whole chia seeds are a great source of plant-based omega-3 fats, and flax has cancer protective compounds, such as lignans, and are rich in fiber. Chia seeds you don’t have to grind before you eat them.

Oils shouldn’t be in the foods you eat! So look for them in any packaged foods (along with sugar)! Or, just eat whole foods that you can see and there won’t be any hidden, added oils!

If you cook a lot with oils try organic vegetable broth instead. After a while you will get very skilled at using vegetable broth to “quick fry” or “stir fry” almost anything (doesn’t quite cut it for garlic and onions! I still use a little bit of extra virgin olive oil for them)!

Believe it or not dark greens have good oils in them, but obviously in smaller amounts. So eat lots of greens.

NO ADDED OILS! 21 DAYS! Just try it!. (SHFL, 149).

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Be and Stay Well


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