Day 6 – How To Make A “Life Saver” Bean Dip!

Day 6 – “Healthy Living” Tip
How To Make A “Life Saver” Bean Dip

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***This (NO OIL) bean dip is a life saver and should be used to replace any creamy, gooey, cheesy, “garbage” dips!…

If you are on the road more and more places offer bean dips. Hummus is probably the most well known, usually made of garbanzo beans with tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic and herbs. Though it comes with olive oil (extra fat) it’s hard to get a “no oil” bean dip like you can make at home. Also, some regular grocery stores are selling a simple hummus with crackers (unfortunately not with vegetables YET!).

This is a fine alternative to a ranch dip. Less potential allergens and lots of good fiber, “long” carbohydrates and protein and has some “staying power” with regards to your blood sugar and energy. Aside from Middle Eastern restaurants, which specialize in hummus, you can purchase bean dips in most grocery stores and you can always ask for a side of beans at a Hispanic restaurant (NO CHEESE!); find some at a salad bar; or munch on edamame (young soybeans) at a Sushi restaurant.

If you are at home the variations in bean dips you can make are only limited by your imagination. All can be made in 5 minutes or less. Check out my recipes for “Super Simple “Lifesaver” Bean Dip on page 15 of your E-book.

A food processor makes it easy. I use a 9 cup Cuisinart.


* Add 1 can of cooked organic beans – any kind you like.
* 1 garlic clove.
* Juice of 1-2 lemons or a splash or two of rice vinegar.
* Any seasonings you want besides salt. (NO ADDED OILS!).
* Blend in Cuisinart until smooth.

NOTE: The no salt direction is really for those who eat a lot of processed foods and are overweight and have hypertension, heart disease or diabetes. The truth is you can use salt once you eat unprocessed foods AND you normalize your weight and get rid of your heart disease, diabetes or weight issues!

Simple things you can add for taste and texture:
Add – Salsa, avocado, any herbs and spices (no salt), nuts/seeds, sweet potato, yam…

Eat with cut vegetables (all you want) or whole grain cracker (like Rye Crisp, Finn Crisp)…not too many…

The bean dip can “save your butt”…literally!

A bean dip is an excellent traveler’s food which can be eaten in the car, hotel, airport…

Don’t go to a party, have your friends over or entertain business clients without your awesome homemade bean dip! (E-Book, 15; SHFL, 145-146).

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Be and Stay Well,


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