Day 5 – How to Order and Make A Power Smoothie While Traveling

Day 5 – “Healthy Living” Tip
How to Order and Make A Power Smoothie While Traveling
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***One of my “Healthy Living” Smoothies is a great meal substitute for a busy person during your 21 Day Program…

Knowing the basics of a good smoothie made at home will allow you to ask for the ingredients you want if you are out on the road or realize what your smoothie doesn’t have in it.

Let’s Keep It Simple:

Get a strong blender (Vitamix, Blend-Tech, Ninja, etc.)

Throw in:

* 1 palm full of raw nuts and seeds on the blade (chops them up better).

* 1-2 cups of rice, almond, soy, hemp or some kindof nut/grain “milk”. Can dilute with water. Actually to make your own nut milk it’s 1 part nuts: 5 parts water and blend. You can throw in a date or two as a sweetener. (Congratulations you now have “cooked” your first raw food dish by making your own nut milk!)

* ADD: 1 cupful of berries (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherries or combination). I generally buy a frozen combination of berries – I like the cold  smoothie action and its cheaper! Or, I buy the berries when in season and cheaper, wash and freeze them myself for a later date.

* ADD: 1 handful of greens (spinach, romaine, chard, kale, etc.)

* Blend. Add water to thin or more fruit to thicken.

This may sound weird but it doesn’t alter the taste but it is key in making your smoothies LAST FOR HOURS, NOT MINUTES, LIKE A MEAL!

* Add: Add one tablespoon or two of any COOKED beans (a chunk of organic tofu is also excellent) and/or a whole grain (brown rice, quinoa, etc.) right after the nuts and seeds for longer blood sugar control and to increase protein content.

That’s it! This smoothie is full of disease protective nutrients, will maintain your blood sugar, and can really be a meal replacement.

No DAIRY PRODUCTS should be used as the protein powder source (i.e. whey, casein, etc). Pea, soy or rice proteins are reasonable substitutes if desired but not necessary.

*CLEANING TIP – Rinse your blender in hot water immediately for easy “no wash” cleaning.

If you are traveling think of these important components of a smoothie when purchasing one: nuts/seeds; nut/grain milk; berries; greens; and maybe some beans and grains or rice or pea protein – NO DAIRY PRODUCTS!

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