Day 3 – Three Fruits Daily…Good Health Is That Easy!

Day 3 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Three Fruits Daily…Good Health Is That Easy!
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***Eat at least 3 WHOLE fruits per day (not juiced, canned or skinless)…

Trust that you can’t mess up your health by eating any type of whole fruit (unless you are allergic to it!).

Fruit is:

* Packed with protective antioxidants and plant compounds (phytochemicals).
* Full of water so calories and sugars are diluted.
* Packed with fiber to provide bulk and slow blood sugar absorption.
* Easy to take anywhere.
* ….and fruit tastes awesome!

* So if you are starting this program at home just make sure your fruit bin in your frig, or the bowl of fruit IS FULL ALL THE TIME!

* Always take 1 or 2 whole fruits with you when you leave home.

* If you are on the road fruit is a safe and generally clean snack food to eat while driving.

* Most hotels will have some free fruit somewhere in the lobby, workout room or in your room.

* Even mini-marts or convenient stores or stands in airports, bus or train stations have whole fruit available for purchase.

I know some of you are worried about the sugar in fruit…DON’T! The sugar is diluted by water and its absorption is slowed by the fiber in the fruit!

Just eat the whole fruit, skin and all!…And enjoy!

“1 serving” is the whole fruit (1 apple, orange, pear, etc.) or cup of fruit.

AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE SERVINGS OF FRUIT SHOULD BE A CUP OF BERRIES! (black, blue, raspberries, strawberries, etc.)! Berries, especially dark berries are powerhouses of protection for your health (brain, eyes, certain cancers).

EXAMPLE 1: 2 apples and 1 cup of berries
EXAMPLE 2: 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 cup of berries
EXAMPLE 3: 1 cup each (3 total) of black berries, raspberries, blue cranberries etc.

Frozen “whole fruit” is fine. 1 serving of a dried fruit is acceptable. But the goal should really be the whole fruit, with water and nutrients packed in.

HERE ARE LOW GLYCEMIC FRUITS (they don’t spike your blood sugar) IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT FRUIT AND YOUR BLOOD SUGAR!: Apples; apricots, berries of any kind; cherries, grapefruit, grapes, kiwi, oranges, peaches, pears, peaches, plums, prunes. (A list of low glycemic fruits can be found here)

When in doubt…Eat the whole fruit and don’t worry about the Glycemic Index (GI) or its sugar load! Fruits in their whole state generally have lower GIs. Keep it simple!

Read pages 144-145 in “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane.”

This simple practice of eating “3” or more fruits per day starting in Week #1 is so easy that anyone can have success and the rewards can be immediate and for a lifetime!

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Be and Stay Well


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