Day 22 – Take the “Ain’t Got Meat Challenge”

Day 22 – “Healthy Living” Bonus Tip
Take the “Ain’t Got Meat Challenge”
Watch This Video (6:02 minutes). Then Read This Message!

There are many reasons why not to eat meat, but the experience of
doing it speaks louder than
political, spiritual and scientific arguments.

Just experience it! Many of you will continue!

Eliminating meat and all animal food for another 21 days is something that is really simple to do on the road or at home if you have implemented the 9 Diet and 3 Lifestyle principles on page 15 of your E-Book over the last 21 days (E-Book, 15).

For example, on the road you can go to:

*** Salad bars;

*** Look for vegetarian side dishes and appetizers;

*** Have smoothies in the mornings;

*** Hearty vegetable and bean soups either in restaurants or in your hotel room (remember to Google – Whole Food Markets, Trader Joe’s and Natural Food Co-ops on the road; or bring your own – McDougall Right Foods);

*** Buy or make some bean dip (i.e. hummus) with vegetables;

*** Have whole fruit anywhere along with raw nuts and seeds as snacks.

*** There is always a quick bean, rice and salsa “burrito” bowl around the corner.

You know how to do it because you have been doing it! So just keep going for the next 21 days without that palm full of animal food each day!

Ideally choose foods from your BED Food List (E-book, 16; SHFL, 201-204) – fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds and “scratch off” the animal foods for another 3 weeks. That still leaves you with an enormous food selection from vegetables, fruit, beans/legumes, whole grains and nuts/seeds food groups. And you are still eating a “low allergy diet” evaluating yourself for food sensitivities.(SHFL, Chapters 11 (115) & 12 (120))

Three weeks ago this step may have seemed impossible!
Now it’s very doable!

 Eating from those plant-food groups only, with little to no added fats and oils (and sugar), has been shown to prevent and reverse the major killer diseases (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases) plaguing you, your loved ones and societies around the world.

You can be part of the greatest health and economic revolution in history by eating a whole food, nutrient-dense, ‘plant strong’ diet and help wipe out chronic diseases from the face of the earth. This would not only reduce needless suffering of people (and animals) but also preserve our environment, and I believe, improve our economy, work productivity and competitiveness. (SHFL, Part I, The Problem (3); Part II, The Solution (33); & Part III, The Plan (133)).

Here are three excellent cookbooks to help keep you going:

1) Forks Over Knives Cookbook

2) Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook: Skinny Dish

3) The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook

4) Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine (focuses on strength, athleticism and physical performance of vegan athletes and personalities)

Also, watch mySloppy Vegan” Cooking Show episodes on You Tube where I cook simple, quick and healthy plant-based meals. If I can do it YOU CAN DO IT!

Remember keep it simple to start!

Try having 1 or 2 meals as either a salad, soup, smoothie or bean dip daily as I have outlined on page 15 of your E-Book.

***Actually you could live very healthfully eating all your daily meals as mentioned on age 15 of your E-Book – Breakfast – Smoothie; Lunch – Salad; Dinner – Soup; Snacks – Fruit, Bean Dip and Veggies…

Add just one meal from a recipe in either of the three cookbooks daily for the next 3 weeks.

You can do it! I know you can! AND THE REWARDS WILL BE ENORMOUS to you personally, your friends and loved ones, and society! (SHFL, 195-198)

Be Sure to Watch Today’s Video!

Be and Stay Well!


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