Day 21- Image Your Perfect State of Health and Performance!

Day 21 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Image Your Perfect State of Health and Performance!
Watch This Video (4:53 minutes). Then Read This Message!

Whether you are on an airplane, in your rental car, hotel room or back at home, imaging your perfect state of health and performance is a simple health practice to create vibrant health and well being.

We accept imagery as a practice for optimal sports performance. We tell our children to “go for” their dreams or “dream big!”

Why not use imagery for optimal health and performance?

If we tell our children and young adults to go for their dreams, and we think it is normal for our Olympic athletes to image their perfect race or event, then it is completely logical that we should image our perfect state of health and business success…and practice this daily!

Sit still and concentrate on your breathing for 10-15 minutes. (SHFL,188-190; E-book,6, 64, 71):

*** Then for 5 minutes image your optimal state of health. What you would look like; how you would feel? What activities you would be doing? How you would be feeling and looking with full vitality in body and spirit?

*** Add to that fabulous body a picture of success at your job or business or where you are “performing”!

*** Then be thankful for your health at that moment. Be thankful for any parts of your body that are working well. This will send good ‘vibes’ to the rest of your body (physical and spiritual).

There is always someone in a more challenging
state of health (or business) than you!

*** Have deep gratitude for the gift of your amazing body and your amazing business success! Imagine yourself not only “performing” during your business trip but coming home healthy, vibrant and more excited than ever to continue your life’s work!

…Doing your life’s work “successfully” is
a key
factor in having optimal health!…

Just sit, close your eyes, breathe and imagine the perfect, vibrantly healthy, successful you!

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Be and Stay Well!


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