Day 20 – What’s A Good Diet? Take The Pizza Platter Test!

Day 20 – “Healthy Living” Tip
What’s A Good Diet? Take The Pizza Platter Test!
Watch This Video (4:22 minutes). Then Read This Message!

If you were looking down from heaven and you dumped all your food on a pizza platter this is “ball park” what you “should” see…

The pizza platter is 90% or more whole, unprocessed food. At least half of the food on the platter is vegetables. The rest is made up of whole grains, fruit, raw nuts/seeds, beans, lentils and peas, and a palm full or less of some free-range animal foods if at all (No dairy foods are on your ‘pizza platter’ of course!).

Preferably these are foods you know you are not sensitive to by choosing foods from my “BED Diet” Food List! (E-Book, 16, 61; SHFL,118-119, 201-204).

Eating healthy is really that simple whether on the road or at home. Choose whole foods from the following food groups – vegetables, legumes/beans, fruit, nuts, seeds, whole grains, less than a “palm full” of animal food per day (or none) and half of the above come from the vegetable group.

Just hold the picture of the “pizza platter” in your mind with these food groups on it!…That’s it!

A simple way to create a “pizza platter” type diet is to follow the 9 diet steps you have learned over the last 3 weeks in this 21 Day Program:

* 1) Have a daily salad as a meal

* 2) No dairy products

* 3) Eat 3 or more fruits per day

* 4) Eat 1/2-1 cup of beans/legumes per day

* 5) No added oils (wipes out processed baked goods and snack foods)

* 6) No processed carbohydrates – whole or sprouted grains only, vegetables, whole fruit and whole starchy vegetables (yams, sweat and regular potatoes)

* 7) Eat off my BED Diet Food List

* 8) Eat 1 or 2 palm fulls of nuts or seeds daily

* 9) Eat no more than a palm full, or deck of cards of animal foods daily

Be Sure to Watch Today’s Video!

Be and Stay Well!


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