Day 19 – Conquering Your Food Cravings!

Day 19 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Conquering Your Food Cravings!
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Whether you are on the road or at home the key to controlling food cravings is to eat LOTS OF GOOD, WHOLE FOOD that gives you an even blood sugar from time-released, or what I call “long” carbohydrate, and adequate protein and lots of fiber or natural bulk.

In addition, these whole foods should be nutrient dense (SHFL,137-138, 156-157; E-Book, 22-23), packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. You should keep to a minimum or eliminate foods that increase the risk of blood sugar swings (e.g. excess caffeine, simple sugars, ‘processed carbs,’ etc.).

Some “craving reducers” while traveling:

A small packet of nuts, preferably raw, but salt is acceptable if you don’t have high blood pressure and, especially, if you run low blood pressures.

Find a bean dip (i.e. hummus). Sometimes they come with vegetables and a few crackers. The bean dip, though not as “clean” as making your own, still has “good” carbohydrate, protein and fiber and will keep your blood sugar up and help keep you feeling satisfied. Try and eat the beans dip with vegetables instead of chips or crackers.

May not sound great, but some coffee establishments have oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit and blue berries. I have been known to do this even in the evening! Or, get a toasted multi-grain bagel with nothing on it. The cheapest thing in the baked goods section!

And as always you can snack on fruit. If it’s just the “whole fruit” and you eat too much you might just get some G.I. distress or a bit sleepy. Eating fruit can help your cravings till you get to the next good meal and there are good protective phytochemicals in fruit and water. Fruit is easy to keep in your rental car, carry-on bag, or in your hotel room.

• If you are in your car, and you don’t want a big meal, just something to tide you over, get a plain side dish of beans and rice (no cheese on them!) at the nearest drive through with some salsa as well. Mix them all up and this will carry you for another hour or so! Or, get a quick bean, rice, vegetable (if possible) and salsa burrito (NO   CHEESE OR SOUR CREAM) or burrito bowl and a glass of water.

TO REDUCE CRAVINGS…(E-Book,22-23; SHFL,156-157)

• Eat whole, unprocessed foods only.

• Have whole, unprocessed snacks between meals (fruit, nuts, seeds, bean spreads, whole-grain snacks).

• Eat only good, unrefined or “long” carbohydrates (beans, lentils, whole grains, fruit, starchy vegetables).

• Keep only whole foods in your house (refrigerator, cupboards).

• Go out and buy the craved food if you must. Don’t have it lying around in your house.

• If you must satisfy a food craving, have it with, or after a whole-food meal, not as a separate snack.

• Exercise regularly. Many times this will subdue your food cravings.

• Bring whole-food snacks to work, recreational activities, and have them in your car or when you travel.

• Realize that many foods are addictive, especially ones containing simple sugars, caffeine, chocolate, dairy products (cheese especially), and refined grains (e.g., wheat). Avoid completely, or at least take breaks from these foods every few days.

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