Day 18 – Get Stronger Anywhere Anytime!

Day 18 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Get Stronger Anywhere Anytime!
Watch This Video (5:19 minutes). Then Read This Message!

***Strength training is good for bones, keeps you from falling, allows you to do your daily activities and KEEPS YOU INDEPENDENT!…

A quick workout can reduce your stress, clear your mind and increase your clarity of thought during a busy work day.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to be strong. And whether you are at home or on a trip there is almost always a way to increase your strength…which is good!

If you belong to a gym or are at any kind of hotel gym ‘circuit training’ is a simple and fast way to safely work out. This is what I do and I am done in 15 minutes:

*** Find 6 different arm machines and 6 different leg machines.

*** Do 10-15 repetitions of each exercise.

*** Alternate doing an arm exercise then a leg exercise.

*** If 10 repetitions is too hard go down in weight, if 15 repetitions is too easy go up in weight. (SHFL, 169-170).

*** Don’t stop! Walk between each exercise. Boom! Done in 15 minutes!

If you are at home get a safe pull-up bar in your home and do pull-ups. (“Iron Gym”), and/or get Tony Horton’s “10 Minute Trainer” and do the 10 minute yoga routine daily and then pick one of the other 10 minute routines so you do a total of 20 minutes for your daily workout! His program works! A focused 10-20 minutes per day is all you need.

If you are near a school or playground with a jungle gym or bars you can do bar dips, pull-ups and push-ups for your upper body strength and do walking, running, hiking or sports like tennis, soccer or basketball for your leg muscles and tone.

I don’t care how old you are you can move and get stronger (SHFL, 172-177). See my tips for those of us who are getting wonderfully older.

If you need to work a few extra years; if you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work; if you want independence until the day you die; then you need to make your health a “fun” “part-time” job! (SHFL, 56-58) Regular strength training is a critical part of that “job.”

In fact daily EXERCISE is the only ABSOLUTELY PROVEN “treatment” for increasing human lifespan!…And it costs you absolutely nothing! And the right exercise for you is “No Pain Exercise!”

Don’t ever let me catch you complaining you have no time to exercise if you watch T.V., or, you don’t have the money for anti-aging treatments! The best anti-aging treatment is exercise and it’s for FREE ! (SHFL, 159-184)

Be Sure to Watch Today’s Video!

Be and Stay Well!


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