Day 16 – Eat Less Than a Palm Full of Animal Food Daily

Day 16 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Eat Less Than a Palm Full of Animal Food Daily
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The maximum amount of animal food that I want you to consume daily whether at home or on the road should be no more than a “deck of card” size, or, no more than a “palm full.”

Animal food includes eggs, fish, red and white  meats, poultry and hunted game. (Dairy foods are animal food but have already been eliminated!)

While I believe your health and the environment would be better if you ate only plant foods we know many of the healthiest and longest-living people in the world (Blue Zone societies) eat small amounts of animal foods.

Use your animal products as a “condiment” to your plant-based diet, not as a main dish or meal.

Hunted game, free-range fed animals and wild fish are better choices than factory farmed animal products on land or from the oceans or fresh water.

Smaller fish are better because they accumulate less toxins and metals.

Read SHFL, xvii-xviii, 5, 6, 9, 38, 67-88 and 135 for discussions of the pros and cons of animal food consumption.

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