Day 15 – Discover Your Food Sensitivities! Eat From the “BED Food” List!

Day 15 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Discover Your Food Sensitivities! Eat From the “BED Food” List!  

Watch This Video (3:40 minutes). Then Read This Message!

Whether you are traveling or at home, choosing foods off the BASIC ELIMINATION Diet (BED) can result in dramatic improvements in your health  if you have a food sensitivity to one of the common allergens; dairy products, wheat and glutinous grains, corn, eggs, peanuts, cashews, nightshade family (eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers), citrus (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit), or crustaceans like crab, shrimp or lobster. It is not that everyone is sensitive to all these foods, but a majority of people have adverse reactions to the first two – dairy foods and wheat/glutinous grains from my experience. The other foods are lesser, but common allergens as well.

Use as your grocery or menu list the BASIC ELIMINATION Diet (BED) Food List (E-book,16; SHFL, 201-204).

It would also be good to read Chapters 11 “Food Intolerance and Allergies” (SHFL, 115) and Chapter 12 “Allergic Load and Detoxification” (SHFL, 120) in my book “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane” to really understand how food can affect your health, even if it looks “nutritious” on paper.

If you can do your grocery shopping and eating out from the BED List using the nutrition rules I have given you, you will be affecting one aspect of health and healing that is left out of most nutrition recommendations, and that is “food intolerance” to certain foods.

Eating foods you are sensitive to can affect your performance adversely by:

  • reducing your energy
  • giving you “brain fog”
  • negatively affecting your memory
  • make you sleepy after a meal
  • cause or aggravate sleep apnea so you don’t get good rest
  • and trigger pain from headaches to joint pain to back pain and more…

If you simply eat from the BED List you may save 1000s of dollars and much suffering by getting off foods that may look “nutritionally sound” on paper but are affecting your health adversely. And, you may make 1000s of dollars because you perform better in your work or business ventures.

***If there is a food you know you are sensitive to on the BED Food List just scratch it off then use the list as your new shopping list.***

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