Day 14 – How to “Eat Out in The Fast Lane”

Day 14 – “Healthy Living” Tip
How to “Eat Out in The Fast Lane”
Watch This Video (6:16 minutes). Then Read This Message!

Here are some simple rules to make “Fast Food” and eating out, whether on a business trip or at home “less damaging” so-to-speak and even health promoting (SHFL, 155-156; E-book, 20-22)!

Put no dairy foods on your food (cheese, sour cream, creamy sauces and ice cream) especially with Latin foods(i.e. in burritos, tacos, tostadas, etc.).

Keep chips and bread away from the table, or at least till your main dish comes.

Eat your dish in a “bowl” instead of in a tortilla, wrap or sandwich.

Order vegetable appetizers quickly. Many times they will be labeled as such.

Eat vegetable and plant-based side dishes (steamed vegetables, rice, quinoa, rice and beans, baked or steamed whole potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes – only herbs and spices on these foods. No butter or oils. No salt if you have high blood pressure, otherwise you can salt your food lightly).

Eat salads as a dish or at salad bars – just leave off the cheese and creamy dressings, eggs, bacon bits, “creamy and gooey” foods like potato, macaroni or sugary bean salads. Order two or more dinner type salads to fill you up if you need to. Remember – if you have a salad as a meal have some “long carbohydrate” with it to give you “blood sugar” to the next meal and fiber for fullness. What’s a long carbohydrate? Beans, lentils, peas, squash, whole grains, yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, any WHOLE, UNPROCESSED starchy root vegetable. Again, put any herbs and spices on them but not added oils, spreads and creamy, dairy-filled sauces.

• Just use vinaigrette dressing or juices from dishes (example: pineapple
or beet juice) or order it with your salad.

Replace meat with beans at Latin or Middle Eastern restaurants or fast food places.

Have water instead of a soda (I like the extra bubbly mineral water from soft drink dispensers in restaurants.

Ask for a platter of lightly cooked or steamed vegetables at any restaurant.

Have pizza crust with a marinara sauce and vegetables (no cheese).

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Be and Stay Well!


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