Day 13 – Stocking Your Home and Hotel with Healthy Living Foods

Day 13 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Stocking Your Home and Hotel with Healthy Living Foods
Watch This Video (11:40 minutes). Then Read This Message!

Once you have shopped for food on the “Outside of the Grocery Store (Tip 12)” you should make sure you stock your home or where you are staying (i.e. hotel, etc) with good food. (Day 12 – Healthy Living Video: How to Shop Healthy and Fast! (6:05 minutes))

If you are traveling and staying in a hotel have…

  • Fresh fruit on the bathroom counter, in the mini refrigerator, or on top of the clothing drawers.

  • Packets of raw nuts or seeds in your bags, computer bag, purse, etc.

  • Quick soups or dishes that you can just add water too (ex. McDougall Right Foods can be ordered from Amazon or found in Co-ops, Whole Food Markets, natural food markets and even in food sections in large drug store chains).

  • Bottled or mineral waters to have in your hotel room at discount stores.

  • Bring your own green and black tea bags.

  • Food bars…be careful…I am not a big fan of food bars unless you can see all the ingredients (i.e. Kind Bar). Also no matter what kind of food bar they usually have added a fair amount of sugar and fat to them and usually a milk protein as their protein source. Also, if you are sensitive to the food bar it’s hard to find the provoking ingredient because there are so many in the food bar.


STOCK YOUR FREEZER WITH: Frozen berries, whole grains, whole or sprouted grain breads, raw nuts and seeds.

STOCK YOUR REFRIGERATOR WITH: Water, fruits, vegetables, nut milks, organic Non-GMO WHOLE soy foods, whole or sprouted grain breads, and free-range animal foods (optional – not needed; less than 10 of calorie intake).

STOCK YOUR CUPBOARDS WITH: Cartons of low sodium organic vegetable broth; canned organic beans; whole grain and/or gluten free pastas; and teas.

Read SHFL, 153-155 and pages 18-20 of your E-Book on “Stocking Your Refrigerator and Cupboards: The Basics.”

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