Day 12 – How to Shop Healthy and Fast!

Day 12 – “Healthy Living” Tip
How to Shop Healthy and Fast!
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Whether you are at home or on a business trip there are some “grocery shopping basics” that will allow you to read fewer labels and get more nutritious food quickly (E-book 17-20; SHFL,151-155)

First realize that most of the processed foods containing refined grains, added sugar and fat are on the “INSIDE” or center of the grocery store.

To avoid this simply shop on the “OUTSIDE” or perimeter of the grocery store and pick out  WHOLE FOODS that you can see in the following categories: vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

If you can see the whole food with little or no packaging around it put it in your cart! Obviously, if you have your own garden or you shop at a farmer’s market then everything is “whole” in front of you!

Simple quick foods are: pre-washed greens; pre-made salads; pre-cut vegetables (throw out the creamy ranch dip on the vegetable platter! Replace with bean dips or hummus instead); frozen fruit/berries and vegetables; whole packages of raw shelled nuts and seeds; organic canned beans; vegetable broth; whole grain  crackers like Rye Crisp or Finn Crisp; if you eat bread you can try a sprouted whole grain bread; nut and bean milks and black or green teas are good drinks.

If you choose to eat animal foods they should be free-ranged or hunted game and be less than 10 percent of your total calorie intake (SHFL 75-79, SHFL 151).

Ideally you would eat organic foods, which you can find in many regular grocery stores. Even more ideal would be that you get these food staples from your own garden or local famer’s market. BUT, as mentioned you can get pre-washed organic vegetables and fruit from most local grocery stores.

If you were interested in finding out about possible food sensitivities then you could shop from my “Basic Elimination Diet” food list on page 16 of your E-book (SHFL, 201-204). If you eat from this list you are avoiding many of the “classic” food allergens – dairy products, wheat and glutinous grain, eggs, night shade family, certain citrus and nuts like peanuts and cashews. The real “biggies” to avoid are dairy, wheat products, eggs, caffeine and sugar for a few weeks.(See this video: Day 15 – “Healthy Living” Tip Discover Your Food Sensitivities! Eat From the “BED Food” List! (3:40 minutes))

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