Day 11- Just Breathe ~ Just Be Still ~

Day 11 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Just Breathe ~ Just Be Still ~

Watch This Video (4:40 minutes). Then Read This Message!

Here is the simplest, easiest and most powerful “Healthy Living” Tip that I can tell you….

***Just find one spot, one chair where you can sit each day and “Be physically still for 15 minutes…”

You don’t have to meditate or do anything with your mind.

Just try and “follow” your breath with your mind. Follow it as it goes in through your nose, down to your lungs and stomach, and to your feet and hands. Then follow your breath as you exhale as it comes back out through your mouth. If thoughts come don’t worry about them. The goal is to be just physically still.

You can easily do this on a business trip. Just find a place to sit. In your hotel room, your rental car… It doesn’t matter. In fact, I have done it so often in my car I call it “Parking Lot Meditation.”

If you do this practice at least once daily you will see that good things will happen (lately I have been trying to do this practice several times per day).

This practice has been a life saver for me! We all need to quiet our minds. This is a simple way that anyone can do anywhere!

This is optional, but I do it. I set an “Intention” when I sit. I just say “Help me see the next step in living my life’s purpose.”

Try it. It’s powerful. It’s simple. And you can do it!…

And only good things can happen!

Also read your E-Book pages 68-72 and SHFL, 188 on this topic.

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Be and Stay Well,


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