Day 10 – Making Carbs Your Friend – It’s Easy!

Day 10 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Making Carbs Your Friend – It’s Easy
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***Carbohydrates are not bad. In fact they are the optimal fuel!…

Here’s one rule to make it simple on how to eat them.


Whole fruit; starchy vegetables like yams, sweet potatoes and squash; lentils, beans and peas; and whole grains.

****Eat only the WHOLE GRAIN (see illustration SHFL, 98) cooked in water or broth as a cereal, individual dish or in soups.

If you eat a bread or any bakery product after “Ingredients” it should say….

INGREDIENTS: Whole or sprouted wheat, rye, etc.”

TO KEEP IT REAL SIMPLE avoid breads, baked goods and pastries for the 21 days (baked goods generally use a refined grain, and have sugar and fat added to them).

Usually the whole grain is brought to boil and simmered for 15-60 minutes. If in a time crunch many whole grains come pre-cooked. Or bring them to boil the night before, turn them off and let them soak overnight. Then cook them for 10-20 minutes in the morning.

DON’T ADD ANY fats, oils, cheeses, creamy saucesor animal foods to the whole grain. Just eat the whole grain with seasonings. Or, if eaten for breakfast add berries, some nuts/seeds, and a nut or grain milk like almond, rice, soy, etc..

When you are on the road it is pretty hard to get whole grains at restaurants and even regular grocery stores. So you have to go to places to eat like a Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Co-Ops or health food stores.

In fact, one thing I always do when I go on a business trip is to Google the nearest Whole Foods Market. While you are paying a premium price (you can buy junk food there as well) you can get whole grain products and whole food dishes and meals very easily. Definitely scout out the nearest Whole Foods on your next business trip and…Watch your wallet!:-))!

Bottom line is don’t be afraid of whole carbohydrate rich foods cooked in their  whole state with different herbs and spices or other whole foods like fruit. As long as you are not truly allergic or sensitive to that grain, like any food, eat and enjoy it (See my BED Diet Food List for gluten-free grains). (E-Book, 16) (SHFL, 201-204)

What truly makes carbs or grain products harmful is when they get processed, stripped of their fiber, and sugar and fat/oil are added to them! (yes, I realize some people are sensitive to grains, but if you eat ate them in their whole, unprocessed state, an avoid the ones you know you have reactions to, whole grains are a tremendous health food!)

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