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Day 0 – “Healthy Living” Tip
Welcome to the Program! Here’s What I Want You To Do Next!
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Congratulations on your COMMITMENT to enhance your health and work productivity by purchasing and DOING, “Kirk’s 21Day Healthy Living Program for Business Travelers.” You should be excited about the positive changes that are going to happen when you do this program step by step, day by day!

This program is designed to help you help yourself in five areas –

1) Improve your energy, stamina and vitality…

2) Improve your mental clarity, focus and sharpness…

3) Improve your fitness, healthy look, and, if overweight, help you drop a few pounds without focusing on the weight loss…

4) Improve your business performance and productivity and…

5) Prevent, slow or reverse the chronic diseases plaguing modern society (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease, obesity, bone loss, neurodegenerative disorders, eye disorders, etc.).These conditions are costing us billions in healthcare costs, economic competitiveness, and reducing our quality of life.

This Program is Divided Into Two Tracks

TRACK I is following the Daily Steps from Day 0 (today) through Day 23 which covers my 21 Day Program and 2 extra bonus days to help you achieve success.

TRACK I is designed for you to do one step daily which is presented to you in print, as a “Healthy Living Tip”, and in a short instructional video where you can watch and listen to me demonstrate that day’s teaching point. The video shares how to do that particular health step if you were at home or traveling. There are links from the daily messages for additional reading from my resource books: “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane” and “Kirk’s 21 Day PowerAging Program for Business Travelers. The reading “assignments” are short and will speed your learning and application of these positive health habits. (These resource books are also found on the Menu bar under “E-Book Downloads”)

Though the program is designed for one step to be done each day, it can be done faster or slower. It can be done multiple days at a time, or, a step per week.

The key is to pick out a pace of learning that feels comfortable to
you and stick with it!
Keep doing the steps and just don’t quit!

When you have incorporated all the steps and have practiced them over the 21 days, observe the positive changes that have occurred in your health, well being and appearance. Get excited because you have learned how to incorporate them into your busy lifestyle, and they are yours for a lifetime!

TRACK I – Kirk’s 21 Daily “Healthy Living” Tips & Videos

Day 0 – Welcome to the Program! Here is What I Want You Do To Next!
(Video 2:39 minutes)
Day 1 – Daily Salad To Transform Your Health!

(Video: 3:20 minutes)
Day 2 – Take the “No Dairy” 21 Day Challenge
(Video: 3:27 minutes)
Day 3 – Three Fruits Daily…Good Health Is That Easy!

(Video: 1:35 minutes)
Day 4 – Just Walk 15 Minutes Daily for a Healthy Mind and Body!

(Video: 3:26 minutes)
Day 5 – How to Order (And Make) A Power Smoothie While Traveling

(Video: 4:56 minutes)
Day 6 – Make A “Life Saver” Bean Dip
(Video: 3:49 minutes)
Day 7 – How to Find and Make A PowerAging Soup!

(Video: 6:13 minutes)
Day 8 – Be “Oil Free” for 21 Days!
(Video: 3:51 minutes)
Day 9 – Eat Beans Daily…They Produce More Than “Wind”!

(Video: 2:18 minutes)
Day 10 – Making Carbs Your Friend – It’s Easy!

(Video: 3:28 minutes)
Day 11 – Just Breathe ~ Just Be Still ~

(Video: 4:40 minutes)
Day 12 – How to Shop Healthy and Fast!

(Video: 6:05 minutes)
Day 13 – Stocking Your Home with PowerAging Foods

(Video: 11:40 minutes)
Day 14 – How to “Eat Out in The Fast Lane”

(Video: 6:16 minutes)
Day 15 – Discover Your Food Sensitivities! Eat From the “BED Food” List!

(Video: 3:40 minutes)
Day 16 – Eat Less Than a Palm Full of Animal Food Daily

(Video: 2:53 minutes)
Day 17 – Nuts and Seeds are Good for You!
(Video: 5:54 minutes)
Day 18 – Getting Stronger Anytime! Anywhere!

(Video: 5:19 minutes)
Day 19 – Conquering Your Food Cravings!

(Video: 8:08 minutes)
Day 20 – What’s A Good Diet? Take The Pizza Platter Test!

(Video: 4:22 minutes)
Day 21 – Image Your Perfect State of Health and Performance!

(Video: 4:53 minutes)
Day 22 – Take the “Ain’t Got Meat Challenge”

(Video: 6:02 minutes)
Day 23 – Maintaining Wellness – What’s Next!

(Video: 4:49 minutes)

TRACK II – Is my 80 page E-Book, “Kirk’s 21 Day PowerAging Program for Business Travelers.” This E-Books emphasis is on the business traveler, how to apply these “Healthy Living” principles while you are on the road for business or pleasure.

TRACK II – Kirk’s PowerAging Tips for Business Travelers (26)

Packing and Preparing To Travel Healthy (27)
Eating in Airports, Hotels and Restaurants –
It Can Be Done Healthfully (38)
How To Exercise Daily While Traveling –
More Opportunity Than You Think (41)

How to “Stay Healthy” While Traveling – How to Reduce Your
Chances of Getting Sick and What to Do If You Get Sick (48)
How to Protect Your Back While Traveling (49)
Tips for Getting A Good Night Sleep While Traveling (56)
How to Optimize Your Listening and Speaking Abilities
for Peak Performance (58)

Driving Tips While on a Business Trip (64)

How to “Rest and Reset” Your Mind While Traveling (68)
Coming Home and Maintaining Good Health (72)
Conclusion (75)
Kirk’s Personal Power Aging Coaching Program (80)

This E-Book has internal links to get you to topics faster. It has targeted external links to my book, “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane” so you can learn these “Healthy Living” habits faster and quicker with more understanding.

When you combine TRACKS I & II of this program it is a “slam dunk” to improving your health, vitality and work performance! Ideally, I recommend reading 3-4 pages per day from E-Book (TRACK II) and doing one step daily from TRACK I (read message and watch video). But again, whatever pace you do, if you are consistent and persistent, you will see immediate and lasting benefit.


1. Bookmark this page so you can return to it easily in whatever device you are using (cell phone, lap top, tablet or desktop computer, etc.).

2. Save you Username and Password to this program.

3. Create a “New” Folder – Kirk’s 21 Day Program for Business Travelers (or whatever you would like to call it) on your desktop to save any files that you think are important to this program).


Get Familiar With Your E-Book Contents (in your E-Book Downloads)…

When looking at the E-Book in Adobe Reader select “Page Fit” or “Zoom to Page Level” which will gives you a view of the whole page, and then click through the whole book to get a feel for its contents.

You will be able to go to selected pages in the E-Book (an identical copy) from links within your daily messages.

Read through the Table of Contents (pages 4 & 5) of your E-Book.

Read through the “Quick Start” to “Kirk’s 21Day PowerAging Program for Business Travelers” (page 10).

Print out page 15 (and 16) of your E-Book 5 times. Put each copy in a plastic page cover. Keep a copy in your office, car, computer bag, kitchen, luggage, etc.. This is a 2 page overview of the whole program. It will help keep you on track, keep things simple and allow you to hold an image of the big picture.

Scroll through the Table of Contents for TRACK II on page 26 of your E-Book (or above).

Scroll through the whole E-Book to get a feel for the topics and its organization. There are many internal links in the E-Book so you can move through the book quickly and find the topic you want fast.


Resource Books…

I recommend you go to page 133 of my book “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane”, found on the Menu Bar under E-Book & Downloads, and read 3-5 pages per day for the next 21 days (SHFL, 133-193). My print book, “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane” is an invaluable tool. Part III, starting on page 131, is a “How To” manual on how to stay well in a very busy world using my “TRIAD Wellness Program” and9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health.You have access through links to an online version of this excellent resource. Page numbers in parentheses (Ex. SHFL, 3) after the topic in the daily messages and E-book refer to my book, “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane.” In the daily messages parentheses (Ex. E-book, 4-5) after a topic refers to pages in your E-book.


Helpful Tools for Self-Monitoring…

If you can, get a digital scale for your home. Ideally, you want to weigh yourself one to two times daily. Though you may be resistant at first this practice really helps with your success in this program. A scale is a “non-judgmental” tool that gives you honest feedback to help you be successful! If you learn to get on it daily, without self judgement, it will help you quietly but firmly, steer your own positive health course. An automatic blood pressure and pulse wrist cuff can be very helpful as well, and gives you direct feedback. Checking your “vitals” once per day, or morning and evening, gives you positive feedback on the progress of your program. It is also valuable to your healthcare provider. It is important to calibrate you blood pressure machine by bringing it into your doctor’s office to see how close your doctor’s measurement is to your blood pressure device.


The Program…

The “Essence” of this 21 Day Program is applying “3 Diet and 1 Lifestyle Practice” each week totaling “9 Diet and 3 Lifestyle Principles” over the 21 days of this program  (see Fast Quick Start).

Essence of Week One:
*Eat a Large Salad Daily
*Eat NO Milk Products

*Eat Three or More Whole Fruits Daily

*Walk 15-30 minutes daily

I firmly believe the more you understand how much control you have of your health the easier it will be to make positive and lasting health changes that are permanent.

***Be excited about transforming your life!
***You cannot fail unless you quit!
***Every step and effort is a “positive” for your health.

If you have watched the above video and read this message completely you are ready to go to Day 1!

I am excited to work with you! Let’s get going!

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Be and Stay Well. Kirk