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Kirk’s 21 Day Healthy Living Program 6 page handout – reviews 3 diet steps to be done each week and 1 lifestyle step. Each new week builds on the rules from the next week. By the end of the 21 days the participant is on a low allergy, nutrients dense, whole food “plant-slanted” diet (about 90% plant food) that will reverse chronic disease risk such has heart disease and diabetes, result in weight loss and improvement in energy and reduction in  symptoms related to food intolerance. Simple and practical guildelines on how to make a salad, bean dip, soup, super green smoothie, how to grocery shop, stock your house with food, eat out healthy and reduce food cravings are reviewed. You also will have a shopping list for a low allergy diet (Basic Elimination Diet – BED) and Diet Symptom Exercise Diary chart for self monitoring of diet, exercise, symptoms, blood pressure, pulse and weight.  Everything is in this handout to transform one’s life and health in 21 days. GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Kirk’s 21 Day PowerAging Program for Business Travelers (E-Book)
– From pages 26 to 80 I tell any traveler (for business or recreation) what to do from the time you pack to go on your trip to the time you unpack when you come home (and everything in between) on how to achieve vibrant and worry-free health while traveling.

“Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane: 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health and Real Healthcare Reform” by Kirk Hamilton (PDF) my 261 page book divided into the three parts – Part I – The Problem – why there is a chronic disease epidemic in the U.S. and world; Part II – The Solution – the proof that these diseases can be prevented and reversed; Part III – The Program – my “9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health and Real Healthcare Reform” the practical plan on how to achieve wellness and vibrant health in the busy modern lifestyle.

Basic Elimination Diet (BED) Food List – A “Low Allergy” list of foods you can shop for and eat on my low allergy diet plan. This is a very powerful tool and is worth the whole program. If you do nothing else but eat strictly whole, unprocessed foods from this food list ONLY (minus any foods you know you are sensitive to on this list) for 2-4 weeks most of you will notice a significant and positive change(s) in your health. For some of you it will be life changing!